Sunday, July 18

More Antigua

Here are more images from Guatemala. It seemed the town is a wonderland for photographers with all of the texture and color on every street.

I had the opportunity to meet some people who have become very important to Linda and Gus in the years they've been going to Antigua, and the next few shots are of them.
This is Vilma and her new daughter Adrianna. Vilma and her family are weavers, each wearing items they have made along with the sling that Adrianna is sitting in. They came to see us with a load of items they had made to fill the requests Linda collects from people back in Chicaco.

Above is an extended part of Gus and Linda's family, Charlie, Hojana, and Jonathan. Not seen is another member Juan Carlos. All of which were such fun and so kind. Charlie turned 13 while we were visiting, and just like American kids, he was happy to wolf down a few McDonald's burgers.
Me and Adrianna! I got a first hand look at what kind of diapers (ie: cloth) are used after I noticed Adrianna was visibly leaking all over me and the floor while I was holding her! That just the way it goes sometimes I guess.

This is from a hike Dan and I took at a coffee farm named Finca Santa Elaina. The views were incredible, with the farm running right up the ledge of the river and rolling hills making up the most of the property.
Farm kitten!
Two parrots enjoying their view in the side of the building where the bulk coffee is stored.

Coming back from the Finca, we stopped at a road side fruit stand where these women were working. Dan bought sugar cane from them - it's interesting, you should try it.

Weighing the day's pickings at the finca.

I didn't learn her name, but Mark (out tour guide and host at the finca) called this little girl the coffee pixie, as she flits all over the grounds.
Dan illustrating how large the base of this Saba tree is.

This is the first coffee pickings of the year. They don't put the first bunch through the processing as it is mostly low quality beans and getting it off the plant is more important. It is drying here on the patio.
Dan with one of of the farm dogs, Milo (Mee Lou) while on our hike.

5th Ave in Antigua.

There was some sort of parade while were were walking around the market. The girls were all young and dressed up, and some threw candy to the crowd.

Dan before dinner one night.

Dan and I Joked that maybe we could hang a deer head on our wall - if it were made of wood.

Linda and Adrianna on one of visits with Vilma.

School kids walking home after class.

Linda and I went shopping at some of her favorite stores. Here we were at Women's co-op store and this little girl was helping her mom sell items. She couldn't say very much, but she was great at pulling things off the shelf and giving them to me. She liked my hat and also the screen on my camera that flips around when taking pictures, which is what she was doing here - looking at herself.
The World Cup was going on while we were there! It was awesome to watch a game in Guatemala with the pub packed with Dutchmen in orange. It was packed and a scream when anything good or bad happened in the matches.

My travel companions! Dan and his parents, Gus and Linda.

At the market.


  1. I am falling in love with this place! I just cant believe all the colors and I just love all the hand bags! I mean seriously the best colors ever!

    I just want to hug all those kids - they seriously live in a such a georgeous place and their eyes are so full of life.

    Loving it all :) Thanks again for posting all of these.

  2. And these are only some of them! I'm going to post a link to my flickr account after I get more organized. Glad you liked them!


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