Sunday, August 1

Bye bye evil Windows

For the past year my computer and I have been in a wrestling match. I want to watch DVDs, it finds an error and shuts me down. I want to listen to a music file, it tells me I don't have the system file to back up the origin. I want to edit a photo, oh look, I don't have a photo editing program anymore! I want to go on the Internet, and poof! I have 18 deathly viruses on my computer. You get the point I hope.

Months ago my friend Jonathan wiped my computer and reinstalled the main operating discs. That kept me going on a day-to-day basis, but I still couldn't do what I wanted to do, mainly, use it as my go-to entertainment/work/inspiration/catch all/communication device.

Today, all that has changed. Dan took the evil windows operating system off of Oliver and loaded Ubuntu, an open source operating system that should work perfectly for my needs. There are hundreds of apps I can download if there is a new form of tinkering I want to try, and already (the 30 minutes I have it working) I can edit photos (something I couldn't do before...evil windows and their evil errors...grrrrr).

So, bye bye Windows and your error messages. I thought I was going to scrap my laptop because of all the mess, but no, Oliver is alive and ticking and will be in one piece to travel with me up to Alaska.

The next project: stock up my external hard drive with date night materials for the upcoming 6 week separation from Dan. It is fun to pick out a new series or two to watch. Maybe Dexter?

Ahhh. It feels so good to not have to worry about technology for a little while. Thanks Dan! You are amazing!

Here is the story's hero, reading the news while the necessary Ubuntu files are downloading.


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