Tuesday, August 10

C leaves tomorrow - a dog in the house?

Hello lovelies -
Countdowns are always both exciting and a little scary. Mom's coming into the coffee shop have been giving me the countdown until their kids start school again, I've been giving Dan the countdown until Alaska, and in my brain I've been checking off the days until Ciara and Adam move to Turkey. Which is tomorrow. Holy cow.

I got to chat with C yesterday while she wondered through a bookstore, asking my opinion of some Neal Stephenson books. We hung up after a while and then I got sad: I won't chat with Ciara while she's wondering around a store/ or driving from Portland to Spokane/ or projecting/ or projecting for two years!

I need to get my Skype system working (ie: buy a webcam). *Sigh*

At the Johnson/Swift house yesterday, we had two guests. Kelly and her dog Sahara spend the night on their way from Memphis to St. Louis to Champaign to Chicago. Having a puppy in a small apartment with three cats could be horrible, but it wasn't. Sahara is a lab/corgie mix, and incredibly well behaved. And adorable!

Sahara the dog :)

Comma and Kodak kept a close eye on Sahara. The dog was more apprehensive of the cats than the other way around.

She is so cute and little! Short little corgi legs and a a body shaped like a lab. Awwwww.


  1. CUTE!!!

  2. ooo wow i am in love with this dog - what a beautiful puppy to have!

  3. She was so well behaved! It was fun to have a dog in the house.


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