Saturday, August 21


I got to see this on the walk home today - sun, rainbow, and the gorgeous mountains. I walked past two people who also took a picture of the rainbow, and found out they were a dual driving trucker team, husband and wife. They are here for another week, and we talked for a good 15 minutes about what they should do while in town. This is where I work when I'm in the OPS center. I sit, or pace, around this board and answer the radio. Questions and problems come in and this is where some of the fixes come from . Exciting. I know.
After work today, I spent some time with Lauren while she was working at the Crab Shack. The Great Baldini came by for some bisque-to-go, and we shared a beer while he talked about working at the Red Dog saloon and various cruise ships. He plays piano, plays trumpet, and has a Louie Armstrong routine. He busted out his iPhone (I really shouldn't be shocked by this by now!) and showed me videos of him making fun of tourists (with them eating it up in the audience) and playing lounge tunes for lounge lizards. Lauren and I said we'd come by and go against our "No Red Dog" unofficial rule. It really is a place just for tourists...

Another great day in Juneau!


  1. I think it would be okay to break the "No Red Dog" rule to see this guy in action.

    Your work space is tiny, but I don't know what I expected it to be. Maybe a computer with three screens all linked together and you using Excel like a wizard? I should have know it would be a white board. At least it's not chalk.

  2. The room is huge, but this is where I sit when on Ops. There are some offices around the corner, and a two computers behind me, but for the most part, Ops is the white board. And don't forget there is an entire parking lot full of buses outside!


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