Wednesday, August 25

Late start today

I have the pleasure of being the afternoon/evening MOD today, which means I get to enjoy a press of coffee instead of my togo cup's worth. Mac the dog is sitting under my legs between the coffee table and the couch and I'm getting excited for the next month. I need to look into some flights out of Spokane, now that my dad is picking me up in Seattle (in a month!).

Before I get all ramped up for leaving Juneau, I still need to make sure I do some things that missed out on last summer - helicopter rides to the glaciers! I have Friday and Saturday off this week, and I'm hoping I can get on one of the tours. If not, going for a zipline again would be amazing, and there is the chance to go fishing on Saturday out from Auke Bay.

These goons are some of the drivers that make it possible to operate a tour bus company. Don't they look like fun? Lauren was taking a break and shared some of the details about her new beau, and it was too funny not to take a picture. This one is a bit staged (I'm sure you can tell) but when I walked in and found them in a gaggle, I had to run back and grab my camera.

Lauren's beau works on one of the cruise ships, and she only gets to spend half a day with him every week. She is booking a vacation when the season is over and will be joining Wayne (the bf) in his home country of South Africa. South Africa! I excited for her!

And because I got so many messages saying my work space was too little, here is the half of the space you didn't see...

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  1. Yeah for the press! Adam and I have a baby one. It is saving my life right now.


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