Friday, September 3

A little Juneau Flare

Remember the post from last summer where I tried to explain how Juneauites love their xtratuffs? When I was doing laundry yesterday, the bulletin board at the laundromat had this poster:

Isn't that great! I thought it the perfect poster for the event and the community, a little funny and it catches ones eye.

On my walk with Mac today, I saw another Juneau flare that differs from the lower 48: instead of having broken cars in the yard, they have broken boats! With no roads leading out of the town, I guess it makes sense.

And for the rest of our walk, we went down to work for a quick chat with Lauren, then went to Cope park, which is right out of downtown.

Isn't that wonderful!? The trail meets up with the Perseverance trail, but we didn't continue for those 6 miles. We needed to go home. I felt a little discomfort when we were hiking, but it wasn't enough to make me stop and take my shoe off. Turns out I popped one side of my toe nail off. Yikes!


  1. "Can I get some Xtratuffs? I'll need a size 41." When I say something like this to sales people in Turkish shoe departments, they laugh at me. Not just a polite smile, but a laugh.

    I guess the largest size here that women can have for feet is a 39. They tell me, "yok, yok" (It does not exist) here. here I come.

  2. Lame! At least the internet has your back!


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