Tuesday, September 7

OPS meltdown

Today I felt like a circus sideshow. I knew going into a day with two Norweigen ships in the afternoon it would be crazy, but two pm ships plus 5 sick drivers made me, at one point, lay on the carpet and plug my ears. It was nonstop schedule changes and hole-filling from about 1130 to 1730 - and only then because the next dispatcher took over.

This is a job where a person is going full speed or dead. It feels like battle, and in the midst of it, nothing matters except the next transfer I need to cover, or finding a new bus for the one that just broke down. What am I supposed to do when there are no drivers and no buses?

But now, all the hard work I put in yesterday writing the schedule, and the work today into making it work, is over. Hundreds of people went on tours in Juneau and it all went off in a way that made them think they were the only person we had to think about - at least that's how I hope they felt. And it will all happen again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, and all next year.

I'm glad I only have to make it through three more weeks.


  1. I think they should do a reality tv show of you guys. I miss Alaska reality when Ice Road Truckers ends - and you are summer people, so they could take over with you guys and the behind the scenes of this tourist planning. I will market this and see what I can come up with :O)

  2. Absolutely! I agree with Ms. Rupke! It would be like Airline, only much cooler because you have xtratuffs!

  3. What a great idea! We had one of the boats from the Deadliest Catch in port last week - we could have done a cross over special!


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