Monday, February 22

Monday happy things

Here are some things I found in the blog world that make me happy. Hope it helps get Monday's bad taste out of your mouth.

Dinosaur wallpaper?! Yes please!

This weekend it was super warm outside - like lets-only-wear-one-layer-of-sleevage warm. Made me want to play in the flower beds outside.

Of course the coffee theme is wonderful in these posters, but I love the print!
Color wheels anyone?
I know there are good things in my brain just waiting to come out! I need to find a bucket big enough to catch all of those great ideas.

Mustaches aren't just for creepy people anymore.

I realize this is the antithesis of the Bee N-ice shirt, but I chuckled when I saw it. You know I love a good flow chart!

Happy day!


  1. I kept reading that as Bee +nbutter. :(

  2. Don't worry. You're not alone in that ;)


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