Saturday, February 6

TED can't help but inspire you

I first heard about the TED conference two years ago when my friend's parents were watching a video of the 2007 presenters. It popped back in my life today when, on facebook, my friend Jacob DeGeal posted a link to this video about the potential of taking time off. I went to the site before typing this and found this piece by Eve Ensler, the creator of The Vagina Monologues. It's about embracing your inner girl (for boys and girls both). And now here I am, 12:30 on Saturday night, and I can't help but get excited about what happens next.

What does happen next?

I have a couple years before my coffee shop is a reality, but I know that those years will help shape what that shop will be. How it will be a part of a community I have yet to meet. How it will serve and meet the needs of people living there, and hopefully make an impact on people around the globe. A safe house. A meeting place. A gallery. A call to serve.

The people I'll be working with will grow there. The people I'll be serving will grow there. I will grow there.

Challenges will be over come and lofty goals will be reached. People will be free To Be there.

I watch videos like the two posted above and I see how everything is connected. How passion is undervalued. How courage has been caged in with sales goals, buildings, and demeaning words.

I don't know who said it first, but Sarah Rupke twittered this today, "Hope dies last." It is such a powerful thing, to hope for something better. To think of what one wants and envision that change. I have been thinking about my coffee shop for years now, years! I know when it opens there will be kinks, but I also know that it will succeed. It will be better than I imaged it. It will give more than I anticipate. I know that I am selfish in wanting this so much, but I believe that if we all acted towards what would really make us feel fulfilled instead of what we're taught to become, our world would not be such a mess. I have no proof. I have zero statistics. I only have a feeling about it.

But as Eve says, "I am an emotional creature."


  1. love reading this - makes me step away from the stress of my life and enjoy the adventures you continue to have. keep smiling and glad the quote was something you could use for a moment in your thoughts :o) love and miss you always!
    ~Sarah :o)

    o and in a total un-sarah move, i am deciding which team to root for in the super bowl by which girlfriends have the better tv show or which guys have the better commercials :) haha!
    Saints - Reggie (GO USC and the Reggie/Matt Lienart years), Kim Kardashian and the whole Kardashian clan
    Colts - It's on like donkey kong! (Peyton OREO commercial), Hank and Kendra (from Girls next door - o heart Hanks parents too)
    soooooo tough!

  2. I hate to break this to you, but I have no idea who those girls are! I'll Google them...

    Oh! Those girls! As always, you are hilarious!


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