Tuesday, February 16

Violet Lives!

She just keeps going!

I got the very excellent news that the problems with Violet stopped once the radiator was replaced. That means no extra diagnostics, no transmission tuning, and the big one - no new transmission!

Ciara and I left Champaign yesterday about 1:30 headed back to C-dale, but unfortunately Ciara forgot some very important teaching things with Miah and Jessie, so this morning we are driving back up. We decided to take the extended trip over to Bloomington so I could get my keys back from the renters and clean the place. We'll take off from there tonight, headed for St. Louis, and Ciara will make her flight home tomorrow - unless some other mishaps presents it self.

My poor sister is traveling more than expected on this trip, but she continues to be in good spirits. Have I shared her newest adventure?

The original reason for her coming East was a International job expo in Boston. She had interviews with administrators from schools around the globe, and after the first day, she was hired to teach in Turkey! In August she'll be moving with husband to Tarsus for two years! Whoa!

More on that later when we have some idea of what it means.

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