Sunday, May 23

Home safe with kitty cargo in tact.

Comma was such a trooper yesterday. 11 hours pent up in her carrying case and she only mewed a little when we were landing in Denver (I hate flying into Denver!). We gave her the office for some quite time away from Kodak and Baxter, and already this morning the door is open. Although, it's a million degrees with 110% humidity, so in all honesty, the kitties don't really have the energy to care about anything other than prime position in front of the fans. In fact, this is the current state of things:

Dan is also napping the heat of the day away. This morning I put together Comma's climbing scratch post and got her personals organized (ie: combs, food, flea meds). Dan was diligent in making the house ready for my arrival, so I'm happy to say I don't have much to do now. I'll wait for the ice cubes to freeze, and that may lead to happy drink later, but for now, sitting in front of the fan sounds just about right.

1 comment:

  1. The heat may be a blessing! And I can trust Comma to find a spot that she can look over her new kingdom at!


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