Friday, May 7

Thank you notes

In 2006ish, my dear friend Kristy DeWall and I started writing notes to people/things/inadimate objects to express frustration, joy, thankfulness, etc. Many times my notes are a bit tasteless, but sometimes they are short and exactly the words I need to say. After working at Medici I posted this one on my other blog (that I no longer post at):

Dear Baby Jesus -

Because I was super, super good depressed overworked homesick heartbroken resilient this last year, please, please, pretty please help a sister out.


And then, here are two that are less blasphemous,

Dear Kodak and Baxter,
We have to live here together.
I don't pee on your bed, please don't pee on mine anymore.
I wouldn't trade you for the world!

Dear Mother Nature,
I'm sorry you're going through menopause.

Any way...

I saw this blog called THX THX THX: A Thank You Note a Day and remembered how great it was to bring attention to small things (or big things) by giving them a message.

Try it. It's great.

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