Wednesday, May 26


This is our laundry room right now. It started raining about twenty minutes ago, er, I mean, the skies tore open with a crash and the force of Victoria falls, our landscape was made anew! I looked out the window and where once we had Friedline Dr, we now had Friedline river.

This is water from outside spilling through the side of the house into the stairwell which leads to puddle laundry land.
Said stairwell, now made into a waterfall!

And then just outside the stairwell, where one would be advised to wear the correct footwear, of which I model below.

Welcome to Spring in Southern Illinois!

1 comment:

  1. Holy shit! That is some rain storm. I can't believe how much water you are standing in, and I live in the land of rain Portland, OR! I assume there is a sump pump at work drying the laundry room out now?


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