Monday, May 17

Spokane with family

I flew into Spokane on Saturday. It's warm and green, and I'm excited to be breathing air that doesn't have the weight of So.Ill's humidity. Mom and I had lunch in Brown's Addition, eating outside with an orange umbrella and pretty images refracting on the table from the sun through out water glasses. There is always so much to talk about when mom and I see each other!

Since then, Ciara, Josh, and I have been visiting and talking, at both Mom and Dad's respective houses. Dad grilled pork chops (super yum x2) and we sat on the back porch drinking beer and digesting. We got to hear some stories of Josh and Krista's time in Japan, and then a bit more about some of their plans for the next few years. I'm excited to meet this woman who obviously makes my brother so happy.

With mom and Martin, we five saw the Swedish film based on a book my Stieg Larson called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Ciara and I are huge fans of this author/series and we tried to fill mom and Martin in on it's awesomeness.

I went with Josh and C to visit Grandma yesterday. I haven't seen her since Ciara's wedding, and the stories mom has shared are pretty right on: she's together sometimes, but for the most part, she's losing her memory. Dementia? Alzheimer's? At times she knew we were Renee's children, and a few minutes later she thought we were her friends from childhood - asking if we remember her mom's donuts cooling on the window sill. She looks good for being 91, but she's shrinking away, little by little.

And I got to visit with Rena last night. Rena, Rena, Rena! After such a draining experience with Grandma, it was wonderful to be around a friend who has been steady since we first were friends. I showed up, and a quick 6 hours later, we still had things to talk about. It will be good to see her again before I leave.

Ciara leaves tomorrow, so today I want to spend as much time with her as possible. I feel so fortunate that I like my family.

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