Monday, August 24

And just for fun...

Aww. Isn't it cute?


  1. I'm trying to refrain. probably going to get my own coffee maker to avoid spending $25 a week. Not nearly as quality, but it'll do, pig.

  2. Even if you buy "expensive" coffee beans, your habit will be half the money. My one piece of advice for shopping for a coffee maker: most home brewers don't heat the water "hot enough" to extract all of the wonderful natural oils. If you get serious about coffee, and you are only brewing a cup or two at a time, I say get a french press. No paper filter to trap the oils, and you can get the water temp just right: a soul warming 203 degrees.

    (FYI: most coffee makers only go up to about 170 or 180)

    Ok, two bits of advice. Buy whole bean, and grind it just before you brew it. Coffee loses it's "soul" the longer it is exposed to air. After about two weeks, the .....never mind. I have to remember that you probably don't care about coffee this much.

    Enjoy your cup o' joe!


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