Thursday, August 20


Dan is gone. He flew out yesterday on his way to Maine, through Anchorage and Chicago. Off to Molly and Stephen's wedding. It was more than great to have him here. Having someone to come home to (not that Kodak isn't wonderful), cook for, eat with, and be loved by. It was raining just about the entire time, so we didn't do much outside of the house, but that didn't put a damper on the visit.

And for the record, Dan looks great in his new suit.

There are only 38 days left in the tourism season, and for that time my job is changing. Some of our dispatchers have left in the operations office, and to fill the gaps, they have been bringing in some new faces to get the work covered. They were still short, so here I go. I'll still be a bus driver for three or four days a week, then working in the ops center/on the docks the others. I'm really excited to get some experience on the office side, and have a bit of a mental break from touring. Learning something new will keep me going these last few days. Plus, I'll be working more, which here, is always a good thing.

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  1. yay for a new adventure in your job, more hours and something that will make the time fly. Then its off to living in Carbondale with a wonderful across the country and another country trip in your car :O) SOOOOO GREAT!!!!!


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