Friday, August 28


Had my first day as a dispatcher today. It was great!

I got to see how the other side works: the crazy radio calls that constantly come in, the random changes, tour counts going up and down depending on peoples' feelings on rain, drivers making decisions that they think are correct when in fact they make the lives of others more complicated, and meeting a ton of great people. I liked it. I got a lot of positive feedback. I got kudos from all three shore excursion managers that came off the ships today, and overall, I didn't suck. Next week is going to be even better now that I know what I'm doing!

Tomorrow, instead of working dock side with a radio and clip board, I'll be in the office with a radio and a white board of drama. I'm more nervous about tomorrow than I was about today. I have to fix all the problems tomorrow, where as today I just told Lev about them, and he fixed them.

To add to tomorrow's stress, the draft for my fantasy football league is at 7pm. I've been making my lists tonight. It feels like I getting ready for a test and I'm making a cheat sheet. Overall it will be fun - trash talking and beer with football as the catalyst. How can it be bad?

And I apologize for the schizophrenic blog design. I can't rearrange the furniture, so this is the next best thing.

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