Friday, August 7

I am so excited for Dan to be here on Sunday, I can hardly stand it! All of this counting down and now it's here. Yay!

Last couple days have been easy and quick. Most everyone getting off a ship is happy. Our weather is making the job a breeze. I mean, who complains about 70 degrees with a view? The smoke has lingered through today still, but it's nowhere near as bad as Monday's red tinge.

We are starting to say goodbye to drivers that came up in May. Their 100 day contracts are coming up. We had a work BBQ last night out at Sandy Beach. Played volleyball for a few hours, ate some food, drank some beer. It was a good time. Most of the people who are leaving didn't show up to the BBQ, which I thought was a little funny, but we still had a good time. This last little push to end the season is going to start getting crazy: fewer drivers = more hours (!), more crazy scheduling to make the tours work, and probably time flying faster. 53 days til I leave on the ferry, and about 65 until I'm in Carbondale. Yesssss.

I'm off today. Lauren and I are going to go explore the Herbert Glacier trail. This is a totally different hike than our summit last week, and quite frankly, that is just fine. We'll be able to do our trail run out there, as they've redesigned it to be a biking trail. It's wider, and much more gradual. I doubt we'll go all the way back to the glacier, but you never know. We just want to get outside.

Mary is having a birthday party at her house tomorrow night, then Dan comes in the afternoon on Sunday. I took Monday off work, and all the rest is up in the air.

Happy weekend!

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