Thursday, October 14

Couple things

The Beast is all clean and oiled. The dust bunnies and cat hair that piled up in my 8 weeks gone. Pieces are cut and ready to sew. I have an order. I'm happy to be getting organized and to be use my hands.

The world seems to be spinning fairly fast in Carbondale. All ready it is the middle of the month. Dan is neck deep in mid terms and I'm trying to stay out of his way - keep the cats from annoying him, trying to be quiet.

I had a phone call yesterday with HAPA about a year round job in Juneau. I have time to think about it. I've got pro/con lists all over the desk. I'm trying to separate my certain dislike of Carbondale from the equation - as next semester will hopefully be in Bloomington regardless.

I need to keep my hands busy or the thinking will start me into crazy.

This weekend I'll be in Blono and with friends.


  1. Yeah for working with your hands. I saw some familure green fabric in the picture of Comma you sent and was wondering if you have started the skirts or not. I know how nice it is to have projects to work on!!

    I miss you, and I'm sure Dan does not think that you are in his way.

  2. You inspire me to get my own beast of a sewing machine out of the closet and make something creative. Of course, I'm not sure how well that will go with my little ones taking the fabric and running around the room, but it's a good thought none the less. Good luck with your pro con list. It's a big decision, but also a chance at a new adventure. :)


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