Thursday, October 21

Sweet Pea's Treats

My friend Audrey is amazing! She has been a fantastic baker for quite sometime, and now is starting her business. At this point she is loaded with orders in the Bloomington/ Normal area, but now anyone can have her treats! She put up an Etsy page, and was featured, and here is her link: Sweet Pea's Etsy

Last weekend when I was visiting her, she let me eat a roasted banana cupcake with honey and maple butter cream frosting. I am pretty picky on banana flavored things, but these were the perfect combination of moist and firm, with an unexpected natural sweetness mixed in with the smooth calm of the frosting. So good. Yum.

And isn't the whoop-de-do on the top wonderful!?

1 comment:

  1. Could you get me an inside look at the recipes? I promise not to share them, but you can't get a good cake in this country. The thought of a roasted banana cupcake has my mouth watering!


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