Wednesday, October 20

two new pillow orders and a kitty

I had some scraps, so the other night I tried making a cat doll. It was a good first try, but I'll need to revamp the pattern if I decide to make more. I made the head completely separate from the body, and because of the quick stitching to see how it looked, it is incredibly floppy.

These are the next to orders I've put together for some Etsy customers. One wanted purples in a 24 " pillow, and the other wanted purples and pinks in the 18". I'm excited to see them puffed up and finished!

And this is Comma getting set to get on her perch. I had to take her collar off this morning, as I saw it had rubbed the fur off her neck underneath it. It wasn't tight and had plenty of slack to rotate on her neck so I don't know what to do other than keep it off to let her fur grow back, then keep a closer eye on it. She is a super happy kitty, and I think she is finally fully adjusted to life with the boys. Even in the feline world, it's hard to live with boys! She's a trooper.


  1. I love the photos in this post. The rich tones of the fabric and the way the curtain glows with the sun make it feel especially like fall.

    You can combat the floppy head of the doll by connecting it to the body before you stuff it, so that the stuffing can help support the weight of the head. You could also use a bit of fusible interfacing there to make it stronger.

    The picture of Comma is my new wall paper on my work computer. The students like to see the rotating cat pictures.

  2. Yes! Comma is a star! Thanks for the suggestions on the cat doll neck. I think she's pretty cute and think with a neat facial expression, I could get others to love her too.


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