Thursday, January 6

Internet at the house!

Raise your glass everyone - we have Internet at the house! (My drink selection tonight comes courtesy of Trish. Thanks Trish!) The nice man from Comcast came by at 3:45 and got all of the bits and bytes flying in the appropriate configuration. I spent the next 30 minutes getting all of the wireless stuffs working right, and poof! I'm in the office now, and Dan is in the living room - both using the happy connection to our hearts' delight.

After a few false starts, tonight Dan and I made Swedish meatballs with a yummy glaze and egg noodles. Dan was responsible for making the sauce, seen above sauteing the mushrooms and onions. The kitchen is still trying to figure out how to hold all of the new things that are living there, but for our first meal with more than three steps in its preparation, we did alright. (Dan was happy to get to use his iPad and the Epicurious app to give us not only instruction, but shopping lists too!)

To give you the full view of the kitchen (expansion), here you can see the bookshelf we've turned into out dish rack and dry storage shelves. Next to it on the right, we're saving what little counter space we have by having our microwave, mixer, and toaster on low cart. If I weren't self conscious of the messy counter with things still trying to find a usable home, I would have a better photo. More to come I guess.

PS - our dinner was super good.

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