Friday, January 28

To business cards, or not to business cards

Happy Friday world. It has been a great week here in Jane Land (although the Bears not going to the Super Bowl = sad panda.) I have some of the greatest friends, and they, of their own accord, are getting the word around about my sewing. I have been putting off getting business card made (for no good reason. Can you be afraid of success?) but I think it's to the point where that bullet must be bitten. Over on Oh Happy Day they just posted some great cards their new letter press department has made, and it's giving me some ideas. I like this one:

I also am fond of classic black on white with no image or fancy font, so I don't really need to put this off any longer.

I've also been looking into Spring fabrics and looks for my bags and clasp purses, and I saw these.

I'm so small at this point that it wouldn't be cost effective to order from them, or to order bulk from the frame manufacturer in Japan, but I found these on Etsy and think they might make it happen. Aren't the colored balls adorable?


  1. Just say yes to the cute kiss clasps. Those are going to be a hit with your style.

    You can get business cards for much less than the cost of letter press. $225 for 250 "basic" cards? Holy shit. I think I got 500 for 35$ with the school info on it. There has got to be a printer in town that can do cool work for a fraction of the cost.

    But I am in favor of cards. Just not ones that are that expensive!

  2. Oh, yes. I agree on both points. As much as I like to support small business, I'm not going to get these cute cards.


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