Thursday, January 6

The Quiet House

Yes, yes, yes. I just posted about getting the Internet today. Woo hoo for me and all that, but what I wanted to share is something that really makes my day...

Since December 19th (the day we moved in all of Dan's stuff in then drove to Chicago to enjoy the Cookie Party) we've had free TV. Dan hooked the cable into the plug to see what would happen, and it turns out the cable company hadn't turned off the feed. Oops! So, Since then, I've been overwhelmed with things like HGtv, TLC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and The Food Network. It was amazing. Having not had tv for three years, I was shocked this was in my house.

Tonight though, with the internet came the disconnecting of that old stream and the adding of the one we pay for. No more HGtv. No more Food Network. And this is where I insert my happy dance.

The house has been noisy, not just because there is another human here who is doing his own things, but because of that damned tv living out its free stream glory. With the spare parts of the house being full to the brim, I couldn't get away from it, and for some reason, shutting it off was like killing a child - unthinkable.

But since 3:45, Dan and I are back to our ways in Carbondale, he reading the news and listing to podcasts, me reading my blogs and getting the office in some working order.

I am so happy I have a place to cut and sew and craft. The other side of the room has Dan's desk, but that is still a terror of ugly - he'll get to it when he needs it.

And, to top this happy day of quiet and planning, have a Baxter moment on me:

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