Thursday, January 6

New bag prototype

I've been playing with an idea for some time and tonight I made it. I don't know quite what to make of it, but I like it. Is it practical? I don't know. Is it fun to look at and fun to hold. Sure. Can I imagine someone else thinking it is cool? Yeah.

It has two zippered ends, and it can be folded in the middle to hold as a clutch bag. Keeping both sides together is a magnet clasp.

One zippered side has a pouch that spans the entire length of the bag.

The other zippered end has a shallow pocket, the depth of the bag when it is folded and clasped with the magnet.

As is I like it, but I could dress it up with some of my fabric flowers. I made all sorts of mistakes in this first one, but the spacial geometry is nestled much better in my brain now. What do you think?


  1. I love this bag! And, fun fabric flowers would only make it that much better! I can absolutely envision the whole thing in my head and want one - even more than a fun clutch with flowers. :)

  2. OMG love it lots! Totally would be a useful purse - you my favorite bag designer. I'm telling everyone in 2011 :O)

  3. Thanks ladies! I tried it out today with some quick errands, and I think I'm going to add a loop or something to make hanging on to it easier. More to come!

  4. awesomeness all around :O) I think i might just have to be doing some Ariel esty shopping in 2011 :)


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