Friday, January 1

Beginning of 2010

Yay for 2010. I suggest you go to a site called and send your future self a note. I just had mine delivered that I sent last new years. It was encouraging to see how far I've come in a year. However, there will be no sappy farewell for 2009 here.

With plans to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas in Chicago, New Years was going to be in Bloomington like last year. Unfortunately, plans never came together, so Dan and I came back up to Chicago to enjoy the festivities. We went to Russ and Bomber's house to enjoy Super Mario Bros. for Wii before the party started (which is super fun and charming with its throw backs to the original game) then enjoyed the twenty to thirty people that came bearing food and drinks. James was playing DJ for a while, which got lots of people moving around, but even when it was just James dancing about we enjoyed the show. Every time I get together with Dan's group of friends, I get a bit dazed by how long they have known each other and how committed they've been to staying in touch.

I got to make Carrie's Baked Brie for the first time since Juneau. Brie on its own is wonderful, but to then warm it, and lay a glaze of brown sugar and whiskey with a few nuts on top - well, let's just say I'm glad Carrie made it so I can make it too.

A fun part to last night was getting dressed up. I was going to be warm and comfy after hearing it was going to be in the single digits, but after waking up from my nap to see Dan getting dressed in leather pants, I had to step up and enjoy the fun for the evening. So, Dan in his pants, shirt and fedora and me in a black dress with purple tights. We had fun.

I'm off now to write my FutureMe note, and make some goals for this next year. I hope the year starts off well for you as well.

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