Friday, January 29

Happy Friday things

I like making things, photos, and chocolate. I about flipped a lid when I came across this little nugget after work. It makes me want to go to New York and find these Mast Brothers, and eat their home-made chocolate. Salt and pepper chocolate perhaps?

Kodak saw some birds in the yard yesterday and started chirping at them. Have you seen this in a cat before? Wikipedia has this to say: "Cats are also known to make chirping or chattering noises when observing prey, or as a means of expressing interest in an object to nearby humans. When directed at out-of-reach prey, it is unknown whether this is a threatening sound, an expression of excitement or frustration, or an attempt to replicate a bird-call." Here is a video from You Tube I found that resemble what my cats do. I think it's great!

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