Monday, January 25


Dan and I went to Bloomington this past weekend so I could 1) support Kristy in her journey to compete in the national competition for Male Impersonators, and 2) celebrate my birthday with some friends.

Friday night Kristy had a benefit show at the Bistro, with all proceeds going towards paying for her competition in March down in Oklahoma. Like most shows at the Bistro, this was awesome. There were some great drag queens there, each with some sort of national title (now or in the past), and Kristy's performances were also amazing to watch. The crowd was huge, and with the cover charge and the performer's tips, she made $300 over her goal. Yay Devin!

Saturday I met up with Kristy, her sister Keri, Val, and Trish, to go bowling. Some may scoff at the idea of bowling, but it is so much fun. My first three throws were all strikes, which prompted Dan to threaten to take me around in C-dale as his ringer to make some extra cash. We all had a great time, even with the legion of small children that were running and screaming about. Lots of cakes and party hats. Multiple birthday celebrations were happening at once. It was a bit overwhelming, all those kids being around so many loose projectiles.

Dan got me a pair of head phones for a present, which I got to pick out, and I pretty much wear them all the time now. The car ride home I was in my own head phone world, and last night, sewing was a dream. No more ear buds to hurt me! Thanks Dan!

My friends also made me feel super special, what with all of them having ridiculous schedules and they each carved out a bit of time. Alex had dinner with me on Friday and gave me a bunch of wine, and Kristy pulled some heart strings with a mess of photos of the two of us along with the sweetest little wooden box with a carved tree in the front. Inside was a compass ring. A compass ring! How great is that?!

This week will fly by, and next weekend I'm going to babysit my niece and nephew so the Parents can celebrate their many years together. It isn't their wedding anniversary, but their dating anniversary. 11 years my brother and his wife have been together. Whew!

I spoiled the kitties with tuna before posting, and they are now happily taking a full-belly nap on the living room chairs. Dan is cleaning up the dinner dishes, and in a bit we'll watch an episode of Band of Brothers. The little house here on Friedline is cozy and happy.

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