Wednesday, January 27

March 4th

Neil Gaiman's cat, Zoe, died on Monday. I can't help but be a bit sad. It makes me think of Pudder and Huxley and LC.

Sometimes there are people who need cats, sometimes there are cats that need people. Sometimes, it works out that both parties are lucky enough to find each other, and what happens seems a bit magical.

Baxter is on my lap right now, which in it self is a little miracle. I pushed him to the side twice since sitting down to type, but it seemed that was a posture he wouldn't be content with.

I have my first experience closing the shop tonight. 4-midnight. What a shift! The big news from yesterday is that Alec's husband got the call from D.C. about his start date for training, March 4th. So, Alec has one month left in the shop, and then she will be moving to East coast. One month, until I take over her job full time at Common Grounds.

We've gotten to be good friends in the two weeks of work. It will be a bit lonely to be working by myself after all of the chatting and sharing we've done. But I couldn't be more excited for her. She and Eric have been waiting for months to hear an official job offer. Now I know someone who works for the Secret Service.

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  1. If I remember right, the Gaimans lost either one or two of the old library cats last year too :(, though they were around 18...


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