Wednesday, September 23

Happily ever after!

Baxter has been found!

What a weird day of events. Just four hours ago, I wrote mopey email to Dan saying how I couldn't believe I was driving home with only one cat. Carrie came home an hour later and said she was thinking of getting a cat after I left, and she had stopped by the humane society. She found a cute Siamese kitty and we quickly logged on the website to see her picture. After ooing and aweing about her hopeful potential new boo, I scrolled down the page and looked through the other kitties. There was a striking all black male named Charlie that I fell in love with, but I quickly got distracted by a picture of a male named Reuben. Reuben was black and white, laying on the top of a cat tree, looking completely happy. I couldn't see his nose all the way, but promptly called their number to see where he was found. Could Reuben be Baxter?

They said he was found on 3rd street on Douglas (about a half mile from here) in the middle of August. I found my pictures of him that I used for the Lost Cat posters and drove over.

They put me in a cat meeting room, which smelled horribly like antiseptic (understandably so), and in a few minutes a lady walked in with Baxter in her arms! It took two seconds to tell it was him. He was fawning all over the attendant, draping himself in her arms. Such a sweet boy to everyone he meets - three ladies came in the room as I was filling out paper work to ask if they could say goodbye to their "sweet boy."

Same yellow eyes, same black spot, same white ring around his leg. My B is home! He's having a hard time with Bruce at the moment, as he never got a chance to get used to him before he ran off. Lots of hissing. Lots of hiding. I feel bad that he'll have so much change so quickly, what with me leaving town on Tuesday, but better now than never.

I can't believe he's home! I joked that he was off having an adventure of his own, just like me for the summer, but there came a point at the beginning of August where I pretty much gave up hope. I wish I could meet the person that found him. I wish I could know those circumstances.

So, I left Illinois with two cats, and I'll return with two cats. Baxter is micro-chipped, and when I get home, I'll make Kodak a part of that club too. If Baxter wants to go outside, I'll take the time and energy necessary to make him aware of where he lives and how to get home. That will be some time from now, as we have 3600 miles to conquer first, but I'm thinking about all the same.

Anyone want to come see him? The prodigal cat returns! Kill the fatted calf! Let's have a party!

I am beyond happy. Thanks to everyone who has been so kind through this whole ordeal. It really meant a lot to have people care. If you want to come meet Baxter (and Kodak) you're all welcome down anytime.

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  1. OOOO I am just sooo glad - now my pictures of them pop up from your stop here on your adventure and I will know you have both of them back :O) Such a wonderful end to the summer!


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