Saturday, September 12

17 Days

Kodak has taken to sitting on top of the TV. He lays down and curls his little paws like an otter and takes a nap. Jacque and Carrie could be shouting and tapping away on their computers, and the volume on the TV could be super high, but he just shuts it out and takes a nap. I will try to channel my inner Kodak this next week.

My job has decided they don't like that I get overtime so after this weekend I'll be back to just driving. I don't try to understand their motives or their crosshatched thinking. I'll still get overtime, now we'll just be short a dispatcher on at least two days. Repeat after me Ariel - It's not your problem.

Only a little rain yesterday, and I think today is going to be sunny/chilly. I'm having dinner with my friend Sydney from Allen Marine at the Island Pub, then coming back home to hopefully go back to sleep for a ridiculous amount of time. Usually I just say that everything will be better in the morning. At this point in the season I should be going out and doing all the things I didn't get to do, but all I want to do is rest.

Yesterday was the last day the Island Princess will come to Juneau this year. The Shore Excursion manager has been great these last three weeks, helping me down on the docks. I was down there checking in all of the tours before their all aboard time, and this gigantic huddle of people show up to say goodbye an hand out gifts to the ship. At one point Brian came up to me and gave me a hug and wished me a good end of the season. It was the first hug I've had since Dan left.

It makes sense now why I'm tired and so ready to go home. My introverted self needs my world of few friends. Too many comings and goings. Too many withdrawals from my energy bank and not enough deposits. Not enough hugs from people that know me.

I'll see Ciara around the 1st, and that is close.

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