Saturday, September 19

No ships today!

The town is empty of cruise ship passengers. This is the first day we haven't had a ship in port since May. No throngs of umbrellas stabbing innocents in the head. No photos taken with the gigantic stuffed eagle outside the fur shop. Just people enjoying the cafes and the weather.

Lauren and I went to Thai last night. So tasty. Then we drove around all over Douglas Island looking for a house for rent that Lauren's boss mentioned, and in looking for it, we found all sorts of great neighborhoods we never knew existed. Douglas is a little treasure! We happened to be wondering around just as the magic hour was starting, and the golden light setting over the channel and seeping through the trees made me think of Cour d'Alene lake in the summer. We didn't find the house for rent, but we spotted some great little nuggets that were for sale. Maybe Lauren will make a long term decision. Either way, it was fun to drive and see the great homes.

Then we went out. All I can say this morning is ouch.

The good news, we walked by a cute little three story walk up that is next to the Governor's Mansion that had a for rent sign in it. It is right in the corner where my favorite house in town is located, and hopefully, it will be Lauren's new abode. It would be great if she could live down town.

I'm going to enjoy my coffee, my book, and my cat for the next few hours. Happy weekend everyone!

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