Tuesday, September 22


One week left! I leave on the ferry next Tuesday, at 8am.

I've been packing even more, cleaning out my car, and making a list of the last things I need to buy for the road trip. I have misplaced my camera, a huge bummer, and am hoping it pops back up before I leave. Last I had it, I was out at Allen Marine taking shots of the awesome clouds just before a storm. I put it in my bag, and then it vanished.

I have taken ill these past two days. The horrible lung muck that Carrie brought home with her from Boston has finally taken root in me. I asked to not do any tours if possible, as me talking/hacking does not make for a pleasant vacation story. I did helicopter transfers yesterday, but today I'm back to touring. I guess they don't care about what people think of the company with only two actual ship days left.

I made some super tasty tomato and basil soup last night with come crispy bread. Warm and filling. I drank a grove of orange juice, but still this morning, cough cough, wheeze wheeze...

Ciara had her second ablation surgery yesterday with unsuccessful results. She will be going in sometime to do some treadmill running tests to measure her heart rate and other body functions. Hopefully that will lead them in a new direction to help her arrhythmia. I'm glad I'll be down in Portland again so soon after seeing her in July. Just a few days. Hopefully I don't have any hang ups in driving so I can get all the time I planned with her.

She gave me the great idea of filing for unemployment after my job here ends. Something to help fill the gap between this Sunday, and the beginning of my new job. It never crossed my mind to file until she said something. I could fill everything out from here, but some of the papers I need are in the file I left at Dad's house, so It will have to wait for at least another week. It is such a relief to know I can keep going without sinking into financial stress. Will money always be stressful?

All this gets me thinking about jobs again, and renters, and all the things to do when I get home. A bright spot: Dan has been great about keeping me in the loop about the house. He seems to be excited about the changes. It feels good to know he wants me there and isn't just playing along with a whim from his silly girlfriend. I asked if we could carve pumpkins when I get there. "Sure" was all he said, then he laughed at me. I think we'll be good for each other.

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