Thursday, September 3

Beautiful, beautiful day off

We had three days of sunshine. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - all 60 degrees and sunny. Work was easier, tourists were happy, solving problems seemed to be a cinch. The rain is back now, and I'm watching a sad movie on my day off, loving the small things like hand lotion, hot coffee, and dangle earrings that hit my neck.

Lauren got a promotion this week. She is the new Transportation Manager here in Juneau. It's a year round position, and great stepping stone to move up in the tourism business. She will be moving to Juneau from Spokane, and is required to attend meetings at the end of this year. Great for Lauren, sad for me, as she won't be driving back with me now. Duty calls. I'm flying solo again.

I was a little concerned about how we were going to get both of our belongings into my car, so that isn't an issue now, but I was excited for both the girl time and benefit of having two drivers. I'm going to search out some books on CD. They were my saving grace on the way up, and they'll take the place of conversations with Lauren on the way back.

Only 26 more days!

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