Friday, September 25


Having B back is awesome. I'm woken up more in the night with an extra set of paws running over me, but I love it. He is a skinny little guy, and his face is beaten up, but he still gets his love-groggy eyes and purrs just the same. I'll get his fur washed up and get the jail smell out of him, and he'll be right as rain.

I'm getting even more antsy to get out of town. I've done all sorts of ferry comparisons, and I'm going to try and change my ticket from leaving Tuesday, to leaving Monday. I'll have to get up super early, but the extra day will be worth it. So, that puts me at T-minus three days!

I was supposed to have today off, making it one of the only three day holidays the entire time I've been up here, but they put me on a special charter. After that this morning, I'll get my car vacuumed and the tires attended to, then start trekking my stuff to the car. With the departure being at 6am on Monday, I have to be there at 4 to check in, and I don't want to leave anything to the last minute. Have you seen me in the mornings? It almost ridiculous that I want to open a coffee shop - my comprehension skills are worthless in the a.m.

Other update - camera is still missing. If I had to give the universe something to get Baxter back, I understand. I just wish I had gotten the photos off it first before it was traded.

And in other things wonderful, look at this post from one of my favorite blogs. The image of the book wall makes my mouth water!

Enjoy the day.

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