Tuesday, September 15

Update from Work!

The last six-ship day is tomorrow. This is amazing. I am so excited! It's almost over!

I've got a couple trips scheduled out to Allen Marine for whale watching. Fairly straight forward. Then this Thursday will be my last day in dispatch. Thursday night we have our appreciation dinner complete with sappy photo montage, I'm sure.

I was pleasantly surprised by a package on my bed yesterday. Linda had sent up the next book from the Swedish series she got me started on, with the fantastic protagonist, Salander, the snarky and quiet crime fighter. I really wanted to read the next book and I was going to patiently wait to borrow it from her once I got back to IL, but she sent it! It is in my backpack right now! I got to read it for hours and hours today! Thanks Linda!

I am hoping I can sneak some time on Carrie's computer once I get home in a few minutes. Being at work, I am denied access to my fantasy football website. Urlacher has a dislocated wrist and is out for the season. My quarterback, McNabb, has some busted ribs, and overall, I need some reassurance that I'm not going to nosedive because of the sudden injuries. Luckily, it's just fantasy and it doesn't really mean anything. :)

Happy Wednesday! Less than two weeks!

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