Thursday, September 10

It's all taking a toll

We're supposed to have The Storm of the Century up here today. Winds up to 40 mph - tours are precanceling and the tram is shut down. Lots of rain already. Again, I'm glad I have my rain pants.

I was cut from my duties, and base is kind enough to let me use the computer, so here I am, soggy and tired, happy to be going over to Paradise Cafe in a bit to have coffee and some quiet.

I was able to change my ferry ticket in time to get a refund for Lauren's spot, and I'm in the process of getting my money back for the virus software that did not work on my computer. Those are little sunny spots in the day. I work so hard for my money, I hate the idea of just throwing it away. But I'm sure most people don't like throwing their money away.

Jessie sent me a new photo of Cecilia in a cute little dress - she's starting to look like a person instead of a baby blob. Cute little cheeks and dark eyes. Mom is finishing up her visit with Miah and Jessie today, and Dad starts his road trip over there on Friday. I threw out the idea to Ciara to ride back to IL with me, but we'll see if that works out. I think it would be great to ride with her. Plus, she could see Cecilia and the family, and I'd make sure there was a Dan sighting on the visit too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works out.

I am beyond ready to be on my way home. Yesterday was a mess, to the point where I left the shuttle line 30 minutes early so I didn't explode on the tourists. I know it's the end of the season and my patience isn't what it used to be, but the herds are mean! Pushing on to my shuttle and tours, yelling at each other. I want to tell them they're acting worse than the first and second graders on my mom's school bus! Be nice. Keep your hands to yourself. I you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Yes, I'm in the service industry. I am well aware that am answering questions and providing information in a friendly manner, but I'm still a human. More flys with honey...and all that. So I left the shuttle, came back to the yard, laid down on the floor in the office, and shut my eyes. The rest of my tours were fine.

I keep thinking about what it will be like back on the open road. Nothing around me but trees and mountains. No angry people upset that it's raining in the rain forest. No people upset because they didn't see a bear. No one telling me I'm not suited for my job because, obviously, if I'm driving the shuttle I'm on the driver second string. The road will be so kind to me. My Kodak will sit on my passenger seat and sleep. My book on tape will tell me about something wonderful, and I'll start to remember all of the good things about this summer.

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