Friday, January 8

Gots me a job.

I get nervous about things that I have no business getting nervous about. Getting a job in the coffee world, for instance. I was finished being a nanny on November 26th, and actively put off applying for a job at the two coffee independent coffee shops in town until Wednesday. Why? I couldn't really tell you. I have a few stories out there about being able to enjoy my holiday, but really, I'm a scaredy cat, and I psyched myself out.

Two days ago I got over the hurdle and picked up applications. I filled them out, revised my resume, put together some latte art samples, and gave them back the next day. I left home about 2pm, and 45 minutes later I got a call from Jason, the owner of Common Grounds, asking me to come in for an interview today at one.

The interview was more of a chat - an hour and 45 minute chat. He told me about his business and how he saw me fitting in, and I answered his questions. Half way through, he laid it out saying, "I'm really excited to have you at the shop, if you think this is somewhere you'd like to be." After that, he dove into deeper shop talk, with figures, goals, hopes, and current trends. He offered me the job, and Monday I start training.

It feels so great to be going back to shop life! I was dreading the prospect of finding a job in an office or doing something where I would need to bust out my Dry Clean Only attire. Not that it isn't fun to be a Dry Clean Only employee, but c'mon. I want jeans and home made aprons! (Which, by the way, are both allowed at CG!)

The current store manager, Alec, is a sweet girl who is moving with her husband to WA. D.C. The husband got a job as a secret service officer (awesome), and they will be moving once he gets his detail.

So yay! I have a job! I am going to do something I like!

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