Monday, January 4

New Year, new neighbors

We have a new neighbor. His name is Alex. He has a canoe on the top of his car. He and our land lord knocked on the door just before Dan finished cooking dinner, and now, he is unloading his car. I hate moving, and moving in January doesn't sound like it would improve the matter much.

We have a new addition to our comfy home. Meet the Paper Whites. A delightful little growing family, who just today have popped up to say hello. They are growing so fast! I can't wait for their potent smell to take over the house.

Their little stems get so heavy once they are big and tall, so I'm hoping this mesh cage will give them a bit of stability. It may be too close to their base to do anything. We'll see.

The Swift/Johnson house will soon be getting curtains! We made a decision! Now, we have to go find them and put them up. We also gave a letter of intent to our land lord, saying if all goes well with the funding for the school (ie: if the school has money to run next year) we will be resigning out lease. So, these curtains are a semi-long term commitment. Dan says he doesn't care what they look like, but we'll see once we start looking.

Also today, I finished a painting. I've been working on stuff for my friend Danny since...well, lets round off and call it a year and a half. Everything I started I hated, or was inappropriate to give to him. I told him I would so long ago...and he is moving to California soon, so I'm glad I've done something I'm happy with and is give-able. I hope he likes it. No pictures until he sees it first!

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