Sunday, June 27

Ben's 3rd birthday party!

Dan and I drove up to Champaign to celebrate my nephew's 3rd birthday. There were so many kids! The pool was set up outside, with sidewalk chalk and bubbles. The parents were filling in the gaps, making sure plastic bats weren't being swung too close to other children and towels were at the ready when it was time to go in for cake and presents.

Ben had an Airplane theme - as that is his passion at the moment. The cake (a few pictures down) was made by Nanny Rebekah and Jessie, and it had a runway and airplane, and all of the kids got to take their own airplane home in the grab bags Ben was happy to give out when they arrived. The big hit seemed to be the blow toy - the kind that unrolls when you blow into it, making it look like a big, long, tongue.

Look at all these kids!

Here's the birthday boy in the captain's hat I was lucky to find. Such a fun birthday!

1 comment:

  1. LOL. Someone picked that hat up from an American Airlines hub. Tell his parents to get him interested in computers or healthcare now. Stay away from airplanes :).


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