Saturday, June 26

Kid bag

Inspired by a cutout Linda sent me, I made a small kid-sized bag this morning. I'm planning on giving to Benjamin - who is 3 today! - along with some other things I think he will probably like more. Dan says it looks like a (little) man bag, to which I rolled my eyes and walked out of the room.

I love it. It has an adjustable strap, and fun bright colors, and I think even if Ben doesn't use it all the time, it will be fun for him to have something he can carry his own stuff in (dinosaurs, or books, or snacks). And it's little! 8 in wide and 10 in long.
I received the bag parts I ordered. Below is my bounty - I am excited to finally have the hard ware to make a clutch with a kiss clasp instead of using a magnet. Also, some adjustable strap hardware, as it is hard to find them in Carbondale.
As I mentioned, Ben is 3 today. Dan and I are heading up the Champaign to celebrate with the family and Ben's friends. Miah is BBQing and I'm hoping the kid pool is set up for some water fun. Party!

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  1. Did Ben love seeing his auntie for his big day? I understand there was quite the party with friends from school and all.


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