Saturday, April 18

April 18th

I have a special place in my heart for April 18th. It involves Nick Africano's music and a parking lot.

This year's April 18th is less exciting than last. Some reading, coffee drinking, and prodding the Internet to unfold potential future places to live. I put out the lines, so hopefully I get a bite. I'm going to have to pay more than I'd hoped. But, there will be water! There will be heat!

Listened to some of the folk festival at the Silverbow Bakery. Met Melissa, a bartender who was happy to invite me out to enjoy more music tonight with her friends, and who, it turns out, knows some of the same people I do. My small world gets smaller.

No word on my drug test coming back, so I'm bus-free until Monday at least.


  1. i'm crossing my fingers for your living space situation. ...and in the meantime, i am piling up a collection of wonderful cards to send you when you land.

  2. I should just camp the rest of the summer and buy a PO box. I'm sure I could wrangle a shower out of my fellow workers every week or so! It's Alaska! I'm supposed to rough it and smell funny, right?

    Well, either way, thanks for the thoughts.


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