Tuesday, April 28

Kiddies, not kitties

Kiddies! Kindergartners and second graders to be exact. Today and yesterday I've been driving around local school children on field trips. They were adorable! The kindergartners went to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) facility to learn about sea creatures. They came out talking about star fish, sea cucumbers, and lots of spiny creatures. They were so little in the bus seats, wiggling all about and happy to be in something new. "This is even bigger than my dad's truck!" I had to have a conversation with them about needing to keep their bottom pockets on the seats and using neighbor voices. They called me Miss A and a few gave me hugs when it was done. It totally made my day!

Today I took some second graders from the school on Douglas Island out the northern point of the island so they could hike in the trails and see all sorts of things at low tide. They brought back buckets of sea shells, and enough sand to instigate a through sweeping of the bus when I got back. I had the boys in the front seats help me keep an eye out for deer, and hearing them talk about all the cool stuff they were going to do/did kept making me laugh under my breath during the drive. Kids are so great!

Tomorrow I have my first tour. A group from the Norwegian Star who are going to the glacier and to the Glacier Gardens. And just like that the season starts.

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