Friday, April 24

Last night in my frozen Hades

I have a place to live! There is a roof, and running water, and heat! Funny how I used to think those were items you didn't have to ask about when renting a place. I won't make that mistake again.

But my new place. I move in next Friday. I was hoping to have a story about taking over the room of a sea captain, but I'll be in a different room than the one I originally thought. No forgotten pirate booty for me to haphazardly discover. Shucks. Instead, the landlord has to move some boxes out, put the furniture in, and I'm set.

In the mean time, one of my dispatchers, Bob, offered to let me and the kitties stay in his house. The boys will have a new kitty friend to make, but c'mon, have you been paying attention to what I've put them through already? One cat is no problem. I need to have the somewhat uncomfortable conversation with Ron about me leaving, but I don't think it will cause any ripples. Part of me doesn't think he'd notice if I left without telling him. For all he knows, maybe I got lost in the piles of miscellaneous crap.

Man. I'm so excited to stop hauling water from the leaky roof to flush the toilet! I've got to be honest - I was seriously concerned about K or B stepping on some jagged, rusty, object, and then have to lose a leg. That place is a beast! I took a picture, so there will be a before and after shot following the 20 minutes it will take me to move my junk from the car to my new room.

In the work world, today I moved more buses, moved some teenagers from the youth hostel to the skills building in the valley, and moved more buses. Nothing glamorous, but I'll get my fill of the circus when the boats show up next week.

In sadder news, I have finished Battlestar Galactica. I'll admit it - I was a skeptic about the show, but I take it all back. I take it back! If only there was more!

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  1. Glad ur getting it worked out


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