Sunday, April 5

Last day in Portland and on to Spokane

My time in Portland with Ciara and Adam was so fun! It was the perfect combination of getting out and seeing the town, and getting to relax from all the driving.

If you have never met my sister, I should tell you a few things about her. If she were a super hero, she would be the Super Entertainer, with handy super powers like preparing the perfect meal/cocktail/appetizer/baby shower/gift/baked good/(fill in the blank) that one would need or want when throwing a party, or expecting a guest. Staying with her is like staying at a hotel - super comfy bed and sheets, super fluffy towels, a selection of shampoos and other various girlie things, and the little extras that make a guest feel special. My sister is wonderful, and that's just the entertainment parts! The sister parts are great too!

I'll get my photos posted from Portland tomorrow, after I get my road grime off and sort through my bags. I'm in Spokane now, staying with my Dad, and we are making The List of Things to Accomplish before I head out again.

The drive from Portland to Spokane was quick, and I got a pleasant distraction just after half way through, as I stopped in Othello to visit the fabulous Sandy. We had a great lunch and catch-up, and got each other jazzed for our trip to Italy next year. It was a short visit, but seeing an old friend, even when short, is always good.

So, pictures tomorrow, and more details about Portland.


  1. I'm so excited for you to go on your trip to Yosemite. It's going to be great in May!


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