Sunday, April 12

Day two in Canada

I left Spokane early Saturday, and made it to Bellingham by noon. Had a moment at the Bagelry and drove about to see the old spots. I was planning on staying for a few hours then moving on, but once I got there, I really wasn't interested in stopping anywhere. I pulled into a few places, but I felt too guilty about leaving the cats penned up to do more than buy a bagel and a cup of coffee. So I drove.

I stopped the first night at Williams Lake. Parked in a church parking lot and snoozed for the night. My headlight blew out in the morning after getting coffee from the most unpleasant man I've met in awhile. I had an extra in the trunk (in an easily accessible spot) and changed it under a street light.

Tonight I'm in Dease Lake, as the only guest in a huge hotel. They don't get many travelers this far north this time of year. If I keep up my pace I'll be in Skagway tomorrow, quite a bit a head of schedule. I'm just glad the passes are open and the weather looks clear.

Here are pictures from the car. Who knows where they were taken, specifically.

Also, I can recommend Anansi Boys and The Moment I First Believed. The miles are melting


  1. I commented on your facebook, only to realize I can actually comment here too!

    If you liked Anansi Boys (I hope you were lucky enough to get the audiobook with Gaiman reading it, he's an amazing storyteller), really give everything else a shot. It's like a giant melting pot of everything good he's done.

  2. Ariel!! What does you, me, and January 16th have in common? 1983!! (Same day, same year!) I was a little bummed when I went on to your site to see when you were in Spokane and realized you had already come and gone:-( We totally have to get together next time you are in town so you can see my beautiful little girls!! Miss you a ton!!
    -James G.-


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