Sunday, April 26

It's not curling up with the NY Times, but I'm happy

Waffles. Hmm, waffles. Happy Sunday everybody! It is beautiful in Juneau - not a cloud in the sky. A crisp 43 degrees, and empty streets. I am done with work, and enjoying the blind date I set up between a waffle, and some peanut butter. They are having a lovely time in my tummy!

I had some early morning runs today: taking a soccer team to the airport at 4:30; taking the shore excursion sales managers to Temsco to get on helicopters, to enjoy this beautiful day from the air, and to also go snow shoeing. They were a fun group, and I'll get to see them all through out the summer as they come in on their prospective boats and hand me fistfuls of tickets, passengers, and dock times. Yay! The season is starting!

My uniform has been disbursed. It amazes me how a seemingly normal shirt transforms me into a bus driver - I used to have a body shape? Where did it go? Where is my waist? The plus side is it's grey, so the inevitable film of muck won't show after the first 15 minutes. And the jackets are red, which I give a big thumbs up. After I bulk up on under layers and warm socks (why are my feet always cold?!), I will have my defense against the rain, sleet, fog, and cold. I have yet to find the repellent for whiny passengers, but I'll keep looking.


  1. I made waffles on Sunday too, but you know that is ritual! The waffle iron lost a screw; I guess we use it too much for its own good.

  2. Oh ya, Ciara here.


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