Monday, April 20

Making use of my free time? Questionable.

Yes, I've been looking for housing. But there are only so many postings I can go through before I get some sort of response. With all this time, my mind has started to wonder again, and I'm getting ideas about my coffee shop, how I want to market it, icons, logos, etc. I've got octopus and ink on my brain!

This past weekend was the World Barista Championship, held in Atlanta, GA. Reading through the performances, and finding out that US champ, Mike Phillips, took 3rd (!!!), makes me want to run out of this semi-frozen tourist trap and get my hands on a good grinder and machine. I'll get a van and serve coffee out of the side! I'll travel the city/state/country to share coffee knowledge and good espresso to boot! It'll be small, but good, and eventually I'll get my shop, in a college town, with the ideas I've been jumbling about my head finally in real life!

Anyway. Until that happens, I'll keep growing my idea book, save my pennies, and survive this bus adventure.

If you want to read about it, Barista Magazine did some great work at the WBC and blogged about it.
Today I'm not driving, but instead, doing a ride-a-long. There is a new route and tour that I need to get acquainted with, and with the first cruise ship in port today (an early ship on an around the world cruise) I can do something work related. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be nice to listen to another driver's tour also. Hearing how others present information and which bits of information they choose to say when is always helpful.

I have a meeting with a landlord this afternoon to get an application and chat, and that may result in me moving into a house, on the top floor, with three over-30 men. I called about the room, and Bob, the owner says, "You know there's nothing but a bunch of guys in that house?" Yeah. Well, I'll take guys with running water over no guys and brushing my teeth in the coffee shop.

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