Tuesday, July 28

Asian persuasion?

What a horrible day as a bus driver! Not everything was bad, but there was a good two hour stretch in the middle where I felt like an incompetent buffoon.

I deal with people on a cruise ship - a contained space where germs spread rampant. When ever someone shows signs of sickness (ie: vomiting, or some other forms of orifice eruption) we are suppose to get that passenger back to the ship as soon as possible to prevent prolonged exposure with other passengers.

Someone threw up on my bus today. She didn't want to go back to the ship. She had also puked on the bus on the way out to the whale watching tour, on the boat of the whale watching tour, and on my bus, before leaving the pick up spot. I sat there and waited for a van to come get her and take her back. Her family was yelling, in my face, about how I was making policy up on the spot and talked about how I was singling out people of the "Asian persuasion."

I'm not going to go into it here. I've relived it over and over through paper work and telling higher-ups, but know that it sucked. I was saying all the things I should say, trying to make them know that I was hearing and understanding them, and they made me out to be a racist capitalist that was going to be making a specific profit off of them not finishing their tour.

Then, because of that, I messed up dispatch with a newbie move, and felt like an idiot for the rest of the day. Holy worn out brain cells, Batman!

My day's redeeming beam of happiness - Dan signed a lease in Carbondale! After looking for a couple days, he found something he was happy with. Yay!

Oh. Have you heard? I'm moving to Carbondale when I get back to IL! I didn't give Dan any sort of direction when it came to things I would want in an apartment. We talked back in March about price points and things that would be nice, but who knows if any of that stuck. Today when he asked about what I would want, I got so happy becasue it's really a place for us! Not just stuff that Dan would like, and not just stuff that I would like. Corny, but wonderful.

So. I have no idea what place he picked, but it doesn't matter. I know there is a bathtub. That's about it at this point.

I ended the day with a run and a few beers with friends. Both were excellent choices.


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