Friday, July 31


I went on a hike yesterday with Lauren and our new friend Dan. When Lauren and I did Perserverance trail a couple weeks ago, she talked about wanting to do the Mt. Juneau trail, so we did it. And oh man, did we hike it. We got close and personal with the side of that rock, in some spots actually crawling up the trail.

It took us three hours to get up, then we stayed at the top for an hour, then 1.5 hours to get down. The summit is at 3,576 ft, from the trail head, we ended up doing about a 3,500 elevation gain. Wowsers.
Lauren and Dan just after the trail head. There is an awesome waterfall just to the right of us.

Looking in on down town.
Looking over at the back side of neighboring Mt. Roberts. was super steep.

Enjoying the views. There were at one time three bald eagles soring around, eventually we were looking down on them flying. Awesome.

At the top!

This is the shot after we made it back down, with wobbly legs and sore toes. We hiked this!


  1. There is no way I could have kept up with you three. All that elevation and weeks with no working out, I would have been toast!

    You all ROCK!


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